QE2 Memorial Day | Josie Pagani



QE2 Memorial Day

Josie hosted Today FM breakfast on the Memorial Day for Queen Elizabeth 2.

Here are her thoughts on the passing of the Queen.

The real significance of her death goes much deeper than this. It is the final death knell on an era that actually had already ended.

This is the moment that the 20th century becomes a chapter in the history books.

This felt not just like watching a moment in history, but watching the embodiment of a now vanished past, pass finally into history.

For all the majesty of the funeral last week, there was one stark fact that stood out to me. This was Britain's Queen. It was hard not to notice that there was nothing particularly Kiwi about this ceremony.

Will New Zealanders decide to become a republic? Well, it's too soon to tell. The polling is pretty 50/50.

Where we go next as a country remains to be seen. But for today, for this day, Queen's Memorial Service and the Queen's Memorial Day, we will say with respect and gratitude for her service, we'll never see her like again.

Listen to the editorial here:

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