Russia's invasion of Ukraine after 1 year | Josie Pagani



Russia's invasion of Ukraine after 1 year

Today is a year since President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. March will be 20 years since the beginning of war in Iraq.

Both wars were illegal. War crimes were committed in each. Many thousands of civilians were killed in both.

Any further comparison gets in the way of moral clarity. The two wars are different.

“Whatabouters’’ try to convince you that all wrongdoing is the same because differences in the facts don't help their cause. If everyone is a hypocrite, then you can excuse doing nothing because any action is compromised.

Imagine the world we would be living in today if we had listened to ‘’whatabouters’’ and done little to support Ukraine.

Its president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his family would be dead. Russian puppets would be in charge. They had already chosen their Kyiv apartments.

Ukraine would be a country of concentration camps, makeshift prisons and mass graves.

Poland, the Baltic states, and even Berlin would be preparing for war. A fatally wounded Nato would be helpful to no-one. Autocrats around the world would be emboldened. The era of democracy would be threatened.

We have the unthinkable sacrifices of the Ukrainian people to thank for the fact that this did not happen,

Don’t let “whataboutery’’ stall our support as the second year of this war begins. The only way the war ends is if Ukraine wins.

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