Inequality has never increased as fast | Josie Pagani



Inequality has never increased as fast

The definition of lockdown is working-class people delivering stuff to middle-class people.

Omicron's "Red" setting means optional lockdowns for those who can work from home. If you don't have the choice then you continue to deliver stuff, sell stuff, wipe the brows of the sick, keep places running.

We are living in a time of the greatest increase in inequality in my working life. Bigger than the 80s, when the Lange-Douglas Government made changes the current Cabinet swore they would never abide.

If your wages didn't increase by 6 per cent last year then you are worse off than you were a year ago because that's how much prices rose.

An average Auckland house worth a million dollars a year ago is worth $200,000 more now. Most houses earned more than the people living in them.

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