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June 2022

China and the Pacific

Josie joined Bernard Hickey's 'hoon' podcast to discuss New Zealand's relationship with the US and China with Peter Bale and Robert Patman.

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She also joined Gerry Brownlee's podcast to discuss China's activity in the Pacific, New Zealand's response, and our engagement with the region.

Learn from the Pacific on China-US squeeze

We haven't received much in return from the US for joining its chest-thumping on China. China is mad at us. But the US has not moved an inch towards the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

New Zealand is walking a tightrope. We align with the US values of democracy, and human rights, but we align with China more on trade. China gives us something the US hasn’t: market access.

Larger powers have had a lot of advice for the Pacific about China’s role, but, instead of offering advice, we should be humble enough to learn from a region that has been figuring out how to navigate the superpower squeeze for longer than we have.

Josie's column is here.