What King Charles needs to do to fix the Harry situation | Josie Pagani



What King Charles needs to do to fix the Harry situation

You can’t solve this by judging whether Harry is in the right or wrong, good or bad. We know he is damaged. In fact, we know far too much about him. We know he had a frostbitten penis at his brother's wedding. (He should have had the salmon.)

Damaged people are easy to dislike. They are self-obsessed, humourless and prone to grandiose ideas about themselves. Despite their damage, they are loveable because all humans are. At the risk of sounding like a New Age Treasury wellbeing spa, the King, alone, can fix this with love.

Because, how is his current strategy working?

Only the King can stop the feud. This family will heal when the father reaches out to the broken, hurting son. Write to Harry:

Son, I love you. I am hurt by how obviously you are in pain. I am sorry that I could not be the father who could prevent your pain. I’m sorry I did not know how badly you were hurt and made mistakes when you tried to tell me. I’m sorry that the way you were raised re-traumatised you again and again. It’s true that the Household learned some bad behaviour when your Mum and I parted. That must stop. I don’t know if I can fix things. But I do know I am ready to listen and to do what is best for my sons. You are not a spare to me. You are my son.

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