State of the Left | Josie Pagani



State of the Left

"To understand Labour’s stunning turnabout in fortunes we should study closely the trilogy of messages UK Labour ran in 1997: the future not the past, leadership not drift, and the many not the few.

In New Zealand today, the government is asking for support on the basis of its management in office. Its strategy focuses on the past, while the fresh, charismatic 37-year-old Labour leader looks like the future. The government is drifting, unable to outline a vision for the country while Labour has campaigned on the slogan ‘Let’s Do This’, harnessing a sense of purpose and momentum.

And where, not long ago, Labour was aligned in voters’ minds with sectional interests (identity politics, welfare beneficiaries over workers, the ‘university common room’ over the ‘smoko room’) it has now put the Government on the side of the few.

Josie on The State of the Left.