NZ Election Coverage | Josie Pagani


NZ Election Coverage

Josie was on Newstalk ZB’s election series The Cauldron this week.

In this part she talks about the Maori Party’s Marama Fox winning the small party debate, and Winston Peters’ superannuation over-payment.

“I’ve said for the last 9 years that Labour’s been in opposition that Labour needed to do more than change the leader - and it turns out I’m wrong.

And Josie points out Labour’s polling shows it is resonating in the regions, it is taking around off each of the Greens and National.

Plus: Superannuation - if you means-test super you give an incentive not to save for your retirement.

Tax policy gets debated here.

And: “It’s not fair some saving for a house is taxed more than someone who owns a house, and the person who cleans a house is taxed more than the person who owns it.”