The state of our aid sector | Josie Pagani


The state of our aid sector

New Zealand’s non-government-organisations and charities working internationally are active in over sixty countries, and generate about $182 million for development and humanitarian assistance each year.

As director of the Council for International Development, Josie was in the media this week talking about changes in the way the public is supporting international development. CID's report on the state of the aid sector is here.

Over here, Josie tells RNZ that agencies are developing new public funding strategies.

"Rather than a message which says we'll take your dollar and 80 cents of that will get to the field and 20 cents will help us run our organisation - and that's still absolutely true, NGOs need an operating budget - but it's almost like they're looking at a model where they're saying, 'We'll invest it for you, we'll take your dollar and turn it into $1.60".

More than two-thirds of the organisations that responded to the survey had a private sector partner, up from one-third the previous year.

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