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Poverty and the MIQ protest

Josie joined Heather du Plessis-Allen on Newstalk ZB's The Huddle to discuss the woman in MIQ who is refusing covid tests, $12,000 for a farewell, and poverty figures.

Housing, infrastructure, ties & Air NZ

Josie was on RNZ's Weekend Panel with Jim Mora and Bernard Hickey talking about housing and the rates hikes in Wellington, ties (or lack thereof) in our Parliament, and Air New Zealand.

Motorcyle hoons, flags and Air NZ

Josie joined Heather du Plessis-Allan and Matthew Tukaki on Newstalk ZB's the Huddle to discuss motorcycle scofflaws, flying the Maori nationalist flag on the harbour bridge, the work Air NZ has done for Saudi military,

The political year kicks off

Josie joined TVNZ breakfast to discuss. Watch here while the clip lasts, from 7.45am

Politics getting personal

Josie's column in the New Zealand Herald:

Our politics are often about "being good" instead of "doing good". Last week we saw the tribes divide - albeit politely - into pro-or anti-barbecues. And yet when politics is truly about the personal, we have so much in common: getting kids through school. Having enough money to pay bills, buy a home, and retire. Having our health and time to spend with family and friends. What we need now is the right kind of personal politics - a politics of this ordinary stuff.

Housing, inequality and Waitangi

Josie and finance commentator Bernard Hickey joined Jim Mora on RNZ National's weekend panel to look at Waitangi Day, Maori representation on councils, the Climate Commission's report, housing and inequality.

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