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Rail, State of the Nation speeches, TPP

On Andrew Dickens’ Sunday Cafe with Susan Wood:

The City Rail Link is a $4 billion stimulus that will benefit the whole economy. Every decent city has a decent public transport system.

The leaders’ State of the Nation speeches: The Greens’ call for an independent policy costing unit is a good idea.

And Labour’s opposition to the TPP.

Part 1:
Sunday Cafe 31012016 Pt 1

Part 2:
Sunday Cafe 31012016 Pt2

Friday Forum

For four years Josie and Nick Mills have joined Tim Fookes for Friday Forum on Newstalk ZB in Wellington.

This week they asked if Wellington feels a bit old fashioned with our shops closed on Anniversary Day. Labour MPs who support the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Extending Wellington airport and the trials of flying for up to 17 hours. Inland Revenue is cracking down on cash jobs. And the Wellington 7s - are they dying?

All this plus Hots and Nots.

Labour MPs support TPP

Josie discusses Phil Goff and David Shearer supporting the TPP here. Watch the video here.

Smoking in bars, Sounds murders, Donald Trump

On Newstalk ZB's The Huddle with Larry Williams, discussing the passing of Labour legend Bob Tizard, a crackdown on smoke free areas in Wellington bars, fresh allegations about the Sounds murders, and Donald Trump boycotts a Republican candidate debate on Fox news.

Listen to part 1 here:


Part 2 is here:


Housing, influence in the Pacific and escalators

Listen to The Panel on Radio New Zealand:

Intro is here.

Part 1 on the condition of state houses, Russia buying influence in the Pacific and social media sharing video of a man being bashed - here.

Part 2, on cycling helmets, my thoughts on escalators and inequality, and Auckland's housing, is here.

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