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Labour promises to increase the minimum wage

Josie joined Newstalk ZB's The Huddle to discuss the government's decision to grant Peter Thiel citizenship.
The Huddle 29 Jun 17 Part 1

In part 2, Labour promises to increase the minimum wage.
The Huddle 29 Jun 17 Part 2

Barclay scandal and Labour's interns

Josie joined TVNZ’s Q+A political panel to respond to the week's political events.

In part 1, the panel discussed the prime minister's handling of the scandal that saw the resignation of backbench MP Todd Barclay.

And in part 2, the panel talked about Labour's response and its own embarrassment over an intern scheme.


UK Election Aftermath

"As in the Brexit vote a year ago, exasperated working-class people supported whichever option the status quo liked least. Britain is broken. Returning to the places I grew up the decay is obvious." Josie looked back at the UK election result in the New Zealand Herald.

And she also debated its meaning for the Left on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report.

UK Election Preview

Josie joined Radio New Zealand's Morning Report, live from London as polls closed ahead of the UK election.

Listen here.

Climate change aid in the Pacific

With cuts to aid budgets in the US and Australia, New Zealand is in a position to lead, Josie told Radio New Zealand.

She's calling for funding to help Pacific states adapt to climate change.

Read and listen here and here.

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