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Tertiary education, regulating vaping,

Josie joined Jack Tame on Newstalk ZB's The Huddle discussing a report finding 60% of tertiary educations say they've felt uncomfortable about pressure to pass substandard students,
The Huddle 29 Mar 17 Part 1

And in Part 2, discusses vaping, and declares she doesn't have piercings or a beard.
The Huddle 29 Mar 17 Part 2

Tourist taxes and swim nights for Muslim women

Josie joined David Farrar and Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB”s the Huddle to discuss targeted rates on hotels in Auckland.
The Huddle 20 Mar 17

In Part 2, a public pool is to be partially closed for one night a week to give muslim women a chance to swim, and youth crime in Northland.
The Huddle 20 Mar 17 Part 2

Taxes on housing, income and sugar

Josie joined Jordan Williams on Larry Williams’ The Huddle on Newstalk ZB and to discuss proposals for new taxes on residential housing speculation.
The Huddle 13 Mar 17 Part 1

In Part 2, the potential for tax cuts and Josie argues for a tax switch, cutting income tax and switching to capital, and sugar taxes are all about hectoring people for the pleasures in life.
The Huddle 13 Mar 17 Part 2

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