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Personalised information is not stored or accessed by any of Josie Pagani, Pagani Agency Limited, the site webmasters, or the site host.

The webmaster collects IP addresses and certain other data that help to understand the number of visitors to the site, how visitors find it, and which pages are popular. Data collected includes high-level information such as the country you are visiting from and may include your IP address and internet service provider. This information is not stored in a form that allows us to identify individual visitors.

We do not collect or store any Personally Identifiable Information as described by the GDPR. We do not install any cookies, and any installed by third parties are intended to be used as described below.

Some fonts on the site may make calls to Google fonts, and this may result in certain tracking information being shared with Google. We do not access this information, though Google may. We use Google Analytics, which may store further (personalised) information for Google's purposes. We believe basic analytics are GDPR compliant. The site also uses StatCounter, which performs a similar service.

Data collected by Google and StatCounter may cross reference to other websites operated or owned by Pagani Agency Limited for analytical purposes.

If you use the contact form to get in touch, we will store your email address and your message so that we can respond. This information is stored in personal computers using Apple's iCloud, Microsoft's Office 365 and Google's Gmail standard personal cloud security, and in cloud-provided servers leased by Pagani Agency, which are protected by standard commercial web hosting security.

Josie Pagani is the founder of Progress New Zealand. Contact information for individuals getting in touch through this website may be shared with Progress where there is a reasonable belief that you may be interested in Progress content, under the same privacy conditions as those outlined here. You will not be added to a mailing list without your explicit consent (but if you give us your email address, a human may email you asking if you would like to be added to a list).

You have the right to access and correct any information held about you, but since we try not to hold any information about you and the site's resourcing is minimal, this right may be more theoretical than practical. If you would like us to rewrite or refine this policy, use the
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