Labour gets a new leader, and Josie writes for The State of the Left that Jacinda Ardern can't really lose - but for Labour to win she’ll have to be a little more prepared for some people not to like her.

3 polls show Labour at 24% or less

Josie talked to Alison Mau on Radio Live.

Listen here.

And on the same topic she joined Matthew Hooton and Rachel Smaley on Newstalk Zb's The Huddle.

Part 1 is here.
The Huddle 31 July 17 Part 1

And part two is here.
The Huddle 31 July 17 Part 2

Greens leader benefit claim, and private cancer unit

Josie joined RNZ's The Panel with Jim Mora to debate Rotorua importing mud for a festival; a private cancer hospital opens; Metiria Turei was admitted to the bar despite admitting she claimed a welfare benefit she was not entitled to; all things in moderation; change in the NGO sector, drug testing school rugby players and the US army is ordered to stop recruiting trans people.

Listen to the programme here.

Boris Johnson in New Zealand

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited New Zealand this week, and Josie joined Nadine Higgins on Newstalk ZB's Early Edition to preview his visit.

Early Edition 24 July 17

After he's been here for a day, she joined Rachel Smalley and Matthew Hooton to argue Brexit's a mess. Listen to Part 1 here.

The Huddle 25 July 17 Part 1

Part 2, where the Huddle gets onto drug law reform, is here.

The Huddle 25 July 17 Part 2

Poverty and the Maori seats

The Greens's leader says she claimed social welfare benefits she was entitled to and Josie on the Huddle with Rachel Smalley on Newstalk ZB asks, when people have to decide whether to tell a lie or feed the kids or pay the rent, what would you have people in her situation do? The real issue is poverty in New Zealand.

And New Zealand First pledges to get rid of the Maori seats.

Listen to Part 1 here:
The Huddle 18 July 17 Part 1

and Part 2 is here:
The Huddle 18 July 17 Part 2