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Tweeting while an MP, texting while walking and UBI

Josie joined Janet Wilson and Larry Williams for The Huddle on Newstalk ZB to discuss MP Sue Moroney sending a tweet she had to apologise for, violent threats against MPs on social media, more about the UBI, and a proposal in the US to ban use of your phone to text while you're walking down the street.

Here's Part 1:
The Huddle 29032016 Pt 1

And Part 2:
The Huddle 29032016 Pt 2

UBI, Wicked speech and teapot tapes

Josie joined Janet Wilson and Larry Williams for The Huddle on Newstalk ZB to discuss Universal Basic Income, whether Wicked Campervans' offensive slogans should be banned or banning them would infringe free speech, and the conclusion of the teapot tapes.

Here's Part 1
The Huddle 21022016 Pt 1

And Part 2:
The Huddle 21022016 Pt 2

Inequality, corporate tax and TPP

Josie was on TVNZ's Q+A.

Part one, on the flag change referendum, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, is

Part two, talking about inequality and the future of work, and corporate tax dodging, is

Screenshot Mar 20 13.32.34

Later, she joined Andrew Dickens and Chris Lynch on Newstalk ZB's Sunday Cafe to discuss whether Fonterra has failed, should ratepayers pay for new stadiums, and more about corporate tax dodging.

Listen here.

Wellington-Porirua merger, and guns

Josie joined Nick Mills and Tim Fookes on Newstalk ZB's Friday Forum. This week:
  • The prospect of a merger between Wellington and Porirua.
  • Porirua mayor Nick Legget considers standing for the Wellington mayoralty.
  • Police handling of a siege near Kawerau.
  • Should the police be armed, and Judith Collins' comments about a gun register.
  • Have you voted in the flag referendum yet?
  • VW pulls its harmless ad, in which a character slips over.

And Hots and Nots this week -
Josie's Hot: Getting rid of Zero Hour contracts.
Not: NZTA's continuing failure to manage traffic in Wellington.

Listen here.

Lost baggage, the Kawerau seige, and interest rate cuts

Josie joined Janet Wilson and Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB to discuss airline responsibilities when they lose your baggage, Donald Trump's wives, the police handling of the Kawerau siege, is VW being excessively sensitive for withdrawing an advertisement after a complaint, and the Reserve Bank cuts interest rates out of fear about weakness in our economy.

Here's Part 1
The Huddle 10 March 2016 Pt 1

And Part 2.
The Huddle 10 March 2016 Pt 2

Why I support a higher minimum wage

Josie's column in the New Zealand Herald:

Higher minimum wages are not just good for the people who receive them, they're good for everyone. They help to increase wages across the board by driving more skills and investment into the economy and raising productivity, which raises wages for all of us.

People should have enough income to live on. The lower the minimum wage, the more taxpayers will have to spend to top up wages through Working for Families. Therefore, everyone who opposes increasing the minimum wage to levels high enough to live on is really calling for higher taxes on everyone else. The money to top up low wages has to come from somewhere. This is not ideology, as Barack Obama would say, it's maths: lower wages result in higher wage subsidies.

Congestion in Wellington's trasnport system

Josie was in the Dominion Post commenting on congestion in Wellington's transport system.

NZTA warns of Wellington road congestion for years to come.

Super Tuesday and Keytruda

Josie joined Jordan Williams and Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB to discuss Super Tuesday and funding for the melanoma drug keytruda.

The Huddle 1 March 2016 Pt 1

The Huddle 1 March 2016 Pt 2

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