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Transmission Gully shows we need to rethink the public sector


Transmission Gully exposes systemic weaknesses in the public sector and its ability to meet our needs.

More work has been accomplished on changing the opening date than laying down black top. They could surface the road with print-outs of the excuses.

The government blames the PPP financing structure, which is like blaming the bank for the builder's failure to get the bathroom in. Might be right, but would they have been more comfortable if it was funded like Think Big in the 1970s?

The real problem is that our public sector's ability to deliver is profoundly compromised. We need to re-think accountability, policy development and the management of the state sector. It needs to start with honesty about failure and weakness.

Josie's column on Transmission Gully, now more than two years overdue, appeared in Stuff, here.

Omicron and Inflation

Omicron case numbers are projected to be at 50k by Waitangi Day.

High inflation seems like it will be sticking around for a while .

Josie Joined Phil O’Reilly and Heather du Plessis-Allan on Newstalk ZB's The Huddle.

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