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Changes in aid and development

Josie talked to the Listener about changes in the way people are giving to help the the 11% of the world who are living in extreme poverty.

The number has fallen from 40% of the world's population in the 1980s to 11% now, although this decline is attributable to such factors as reduced debt, increasing fair trade and better understanding of the real causes of poverty as much as it is to aid.To fix the remaining 11%, says Pagani, there is a job to do in convincing the public. “It is not just about wanting to fund media-friendly tragedies – but that people are interested in what we are going to do about this long term.”

Read the full Listener story on Noted.

Macron wins first round in France

Josie joined Chris Lynch and Janet Walker on the Huddle to discuss Emmanuel Macron's win in the first round off the French presidential election.
The Huddle 24 April 17 Part 1

Continues in part 2, and discusses proposals for additional security checks in New Zealand for flights from certain Middle Eastern countries.
The Huddle 24 April 17 Part 2

Big pay parity win & North Korea

Josie joined Jordan Williams on Larry Williams' The Huddle to debate a big win for women who took a landmark pay equity case. Josie argues an increase in wages for low paid women is good for them and redistribution is good for the wider economy.

Part 1 is here.
The Huddle 18 April 17 Part 1

In Part 2, tension over North Korea's missile testing and nuclear program.
The Huddle 18 April 17 Part 2

US bombs Syria, Labour's finance plans

Josie was on TVNZ's Q+A programme to discuss Labour's finance plans and the US bombs Syria.

Pasted Graphic 2

RMA, and compulsory voting

Josie joined Larry Williams and Matthew Hooton on Newstalk ZB to debate changes to the Resource Management Act, and compulsory voting.

Part 1 here.
The Huddle 5 April 17 Part 1

Part 2 here.
The Huddle 5 April 17 Part 2

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