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More election coverage

Josie was on Newstalk ZB's The Cauldron.

In Part 1, the Panel debated teacher pay, the TV leaders' debate, the release of details of Winston Peters' superannuation made public - and Labour wins the billboard war.
The Cauldron 4 Sep 17 Part 1

In part 2 National's claims of an $11 billion hole in Labour's economic plans are wrong, the government backs off statements that some people don't have human rights, and Josie says National's success over the last nine years have not been driven by being the nasty party.
The Cauldron 4 Sep 17 Part 2

In part 3, a new poll shows Labour in front, and small parties being squeezed out as working class votes return to Labour, and Josie says the government is in trouble because it has failed to look like the future.
The Cauldron 4 Sep 17 Part 3

In the final part, voting will begin on 10 September, and early voting favours Labour, Tax policy: Labour's working party on tax, and the TV debates.
The Cauldron 4 Sep 17 Part 4

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