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Voters want fairness

New data by global polling company YouGov, not yet publicly available but presented to a Toronto conference I attended this week, reveals seismic changes in what voters want governments to do.

The cost of living worries 78% of people. It simply costs too much to exist.

Most voters don't blame this crisis on government Covid spending, demands for higher wages, or more money to slow climate change.

We blame disrupted supply chains, the war in Ukraine and inequality. Around the world there is a sense that big corporates are making hay while the rest of us suffer.

Seventy-six per cent of voters think that inflation is increasing inequality, and pulling communities apart. Even if you can weather the rise in prices, you're worried about how this will divide the nation even further.

People expect governments to do more. A whopping 84% of citizens think that it’s a government's job to help (followed by central banks at 79%).

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