What we can do about China’s treatment of Uyghurs | Josie Pagani



What we can do about China’s treatment of Uyghurs

While the world is intimidated by China’s economic and military might, appeasing them must never be the basis of our foreign policy. We stand up to bullies, whether they are vicious mullahs of Iran inciting the murder of Salman Rushdie, or Russian President Vladimir Putin snarling threats to use nuclear weapons.

We could take a lead from Rewi Alley, who has been at the centre of New Zealand's relationship with China for 70 years. Prime Minister David Lange called him ‘’New Zealand's greatest son’’. His story is personal: I knew Rewi Alley as my great-uncle. When Rewi Alley saw injustice he asked, ‘’What can I do?’’, not ‘’How do I feel?’’

What a great starting point for action.

In her Stuff column, Josie argues New Zealand can represent hope, as we once did for the oppressed of apartheid.

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