Here's why Labour is trailing National - plus Bush drops out and BoJo backs Brexit

Josie joined Larry Williams and Mike Yardley on Newstalk ZB for the Huddle.

There were two polls published on the weekend: A One News Colmar Brunton poll has National ahead of Labour by 47-32 (NZF 10, Greens down to 8). Roy Morgan had National’s lead at 48.5 to 27. Josie analyses why Labour is losing.
The Huddle 22 Feb 16 Pt 1

George Bush drops out of the contest to be the Republican nominee for US President. But he had $100 million and the Bush family machine. Democrats are prepared to compromise to win; the Republicans are doubling down on oppositional extremism. Trump has the support of angry white working class men - in both parties. He has become the working class hero and someone forgot to tell his accent.

and ..

Boris Johnson comes out for the campaign to leave the EU. The anti-Europe Tories are split. Boris is the neoliberal, small state get out of big state side. I have no doubt that Britain will stay in the EU. Boris will have a burst and it will increase his popularity in the Tory party, but Britain has a lot to lose if they’re not in the EU.
The Huddle 22 Feb 16 Pt 2