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Simple Answers to Complex Questions

Does the Government overcomplicate problems with task forces, reviews, and working groups and then make policies in a panic? Yes.

Will a ban on gang patches get them off our streets? No.

Does the board of Fletcher Building look like a clown show? Indeed.

Is Prince Andrew the only Royal to reduce his carbon footprint? Undoubtedly.

Do prime ministers get more interested in foreign affairs the longer they’re in power? Oh yes.

More simple answers to complex questions here.

Tauanga by-election

I've had some wonderful by-elections. This isn't one of them.

Jan Tinetti conceded quickly. ‘’Labour hasn't won this seat since 1935,’’ she said, managing expectations with a modesty that overlooks Labour won the party vote in 2020, and was only 2000 votes from securing the electorate.

The by-election in Tauranga on Saturday has been to excitement what Trevor Mallard is to diplomacy”

Josie's column on the clucklustre Tauranga by-election.

The East Coast could be our Costa del Sol

As Gisborne or Wairoa are to New Zealand, so New Zealand is to the world - beautiful, hard to get to, full of opportunity.

Regions have to be part of our growth - not just the cities. The East Coast could be our Costa del Sol

Josie's column here.

China and the Pacific

Josie joined Bernard Hickey's 'hoon' podcast to discuss New Zealand's relationship with the US and China with Peter Bale and Robert Patman.

Listen here or on your podcast app here.

She also joined Gerry Brownlee's podcast to discuss China's activity in the Pacific, New Zealand's response, and our engagement with the region.

Learn from the Pacific on China-US squeeze

We haven't received much in return from the US for joining its chest-thumping on China. China is mad at us. But the US has not moved an inch towards the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

New Zealand is walking a tightrope. We align with the US values of democracy, and human rights, but we align with China more on trade. China gives us something the US hasn’t: market access.

Larger powers have had a lot of advice for the Pacific about China’s role, but, instead of offering advice, we should be humble enough to learn from a region that has been figuring out how to navigate the superpower squeeze for longer than we have.

Josie's column is here.

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