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Election 2020: Who is losing

Everyone is talking about who won or lost the first leaders' debate. Look who's really losing. Analyst Max Rashbrooke says the wealthiest 1per cent of New Zealanders have a typical net worth of $6.2 million – 68 times as much as the typical Kiwi.

In contrast, the poorest half have a net worth of just $12,000.

Josie's pre-election latest column in the New Zealand Herald is here.

Election 2020: The Haves v The Have-Yachts


"If Labour or National want to govern for all New Zealanders after October 17, then they need to govern also for people who have neither financial nor intellectual capital - working people."

Josie's column in the New Zealand Herald on the upcoming New Zealand general election is here.

The poor seldom come out of a crisis better off. Imagine if in 1938, when Michael Joseph Savage increased his majority, instead of creating the welfare state he promised a new holiday. That's where we are now.

Huddle: Rotorua marathon and Labour's education policy

Josie talks about the Rotorua Marathon refusing entry to Aucklanders and Labour's education policy replacing the decile system with Tim Wilson join Heather du Plessis-Allan on the Huddle on Newstalk ZB.

The Huddle: Banking cannabis, TV debates

Josie joined David Farrar and Heather du Plessis-Allan to discuss Kiwibank's decision to stop banking a woman who is selling medical cannabis, and decisions about which parties to allow into TV debates.

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