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RNZ Weekend Panel

Josie joined Chris Finlayson and Jim Mora on RNZ's Weekend Panel to discuss Father's Day, the future of the pandemic, and the Auckland Lynmall terror attack.

Kindness must be extended to Afghans

Josie's column in the New Zealand Herald argues, "[T]he Government should agree to a one-off increase to our refugee quota of 1000 Afghan refugees, and back Turkey's offer to the Taliban to run Kabul airport for charter flights to continue evacuations and get aid in. Second, just as the United Kingdom has done, New Zealand needs to double aid to Afghan community organisations now. These are the local people who have made the tough call to stay and distribute food and shelter. They depend on aid."

But the images from Kabul airport are what it looks like when America goes home.

"Clearly the opposite of intervention isn't peace. What happens next time there is the threat of a state-sanctioned genocide? It's possible we'll look back on the humiliating fall of Kabul as the moment when America's decline as a superpower crystallised. This will challenge New Zealand."

Read the whole column.

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